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All About Us

We at 30Days Technologies setup your base for latest technologies residing in the market.

30Days Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a privately held firm based in Delhi-NCR, INDIA. We are a passionate team of young members with a mission to provide best of the web development services at the best of the rates available in the market. Our aim is to bring everyone online. We are young, dynamic, and understand how web technologies are changing the way consumers interact online. We believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of internet and every businessman can take advantage of this ever growing online world to market his products better.

Our Courses

PHP Basics

Step into the web era and learn how to build beautiful webpages which may lead to enhance your business by bringing clients.

PHP Advanced

This course will guide you to develop your own website and complex web application which you ever dreamed of.

Android Basics

Learn how developers makes your life style easy by making good applications and their tactics to make you like them.

Android Advanced

Reach at the advance level for developing a needy , attractive and optimize stuff in form of android application.

Web Technologies

Lets start designing the responsive websites using the latest version of HTML and CSS.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects,which enables to collect and exchange data.